Friday, 18 July 2014

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

 It's official: I have a MAC lipstick obsession. I've been using MAC lipsticks for a while now and these are the lucky ones that have made my top 5:

1. Creme Cup- Cremesheen Finish- £15. 50

So, I had to start the list with my favourite MAC lipstick. I just can't get enough of Creme Cup. It's just the most pretty pinky-nude shade with blue undertones. As you can tell from the picture above, I use Creme Cup a lot! I practically wear it all the time as it's the most wearable shade for everyday use: not too bright, but not too nude. Also, as Creme Cup is a Cremesheen finish, it is very easy to apply and gives the lipstick a lovely glossy sheen. I've recommended this lipstick to everyone from my best friend to my Mum. If you're looking for a pinky-nude lipstick, then Creme Cup is definitely worth the price tag!

2. Saigon Summer- Cremesheen Finish- £15. 50 

As the name suggests, Saigon Summer is the ultimate go-to shade for summer. Saigon Summer is mandarin orange with a subtle gold shimmer, it is quite simply the most gorgeous shade of orange. As far as colour intensity goes, it's actually a rather subdued orange shade when applied and not as bright as it may first appear. However, that's what makes Saigon Summer unique in comparison to other orange shades. It can be worn from daytime through to night, perfect for those long summer days!

3.  Rose Lily- Lustre Finish- Limited Edition

Rose Lily was one of the lipsticks introduced as part of MAC's A Fantasy of Flowers collection back in the spring. I absolute adore the shade of this lipstick- a cool-toned yet luminous pastel pink with lavender undertones. It really does remind you of flowers: it's so pretty! The Lustre finish gives this lipstick a glossy and sheer sheen which really accentuates the colour. Unfortunately, the collection was limited edition and Rose Lily is no longer available. However, as the collection proved popular among customers and bloggers, hopefully we will see the return of this gorgeous lipstick.

4. Up the Amp- Amplified Finish- £15. 50

I'll be completely honest with you, when I first bought Up the Amp I really wasn't sure about it. However, it is now one of my favourite lipsticks to wear on nights out. It's not an everyday colour, Up the Amp was made to make a statement. The colour is a bold purple: think plum, violet and lavender all in one. The Amplified finish is very pigmented which just adds to the effect of the lipstick. If you want a statement lipstick, I'd definitely recommend Up the Amp.

5.  Snob- Satin Finish- £15. 50

Snob is great for those everyday make up looks where you want a pop of colour on your lips.  The shade is a light, baby-pink shade (think almost Barbie-pink but not as bright!). The lipstick is completely matte- which you will either love or hate- and I am loving matte lips at the moment. Snob has definitely become one of my favourite everyday lipsticks over the past few months. It's great for adding a little something extra to daytime makeup.

Which MAC lipsticks are your favourites?



  1. I really want to try Up The Amp after reading this! Love statement lipsticks, you have such a lovely collection!

  2. Thank you! I would definitely recommend Up the Amp- it's the perfect statement lipstick x

  3. I love 'Creme Cup' shade, but I'd love to try out the 'Snob'. Lovely colors!

    1. Snob is such a beautiful colour! It's the perfect matte pink x

  4. I don't actually have any MAC lipsticks.. I know how crazy is that! Definitely want to try out crem cup first though :) x

    1. I would definitely recommend trying creme cup first- it's the perfect introduction to Mac lipsticks and it's such a lovely colour xx


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