Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Gluten-Free Dining at Zizzi

I thought I would write a slightly different type of post today, something more lifestyle-y (is that even a word? Okay let’s just go with it!). Yesterday, I went shopping (the Zara sale did a little bit of damage to my bank balance, what a surprise) and afterwards I had a lovely meal at Zizzi. So, I was inspired to write a quick blog post about it…

I love eating at Zizzi because, as the title of this post suggests, I am gluten intolerant. I’ve been gluten-free since May of this year and it does make it rather difficult to eat in restaurants. Especially, when you’re new to eating a gluten-free diet. I love that Zizzi have a separate menu for people with food allergies. This menu specifically states what is gluten-free, it makes it so much easier to order and there’s so much choice (yay!).

I ordered the gluten-free carbonara fusilli pasta, which was so yummy. I’m getting hungry just writing about it! I then treated myself to dessert, because you just can’t resist dessert! I had three scoops of gelato: mint choc chip, crema (vanilla) and strawberry sorbet, topped with a generous helping of melted chocolate. Yep, it really was as delicious as it sounds (and looks!). I think I will definitely have to visit Zizzi again very soon. Zizzi makes gluten-free dining so easy!

What is your favourite restaurant?
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