Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My New Favourite Lipstick: MAC Pink Plaid

I have fallen in love… with a lipstick. Oh MAC, you’ve done it again. I have been lusting after Pink Plaid for a while now (see my beauty wish list) and I just couldn’t resist purchasing it. I have only Kylie Jenner to blame for making me buy Pink Plaid. Kylie has been starting a beauty trend all on her own: the 90s throwback matte nude lip. I think we can all agree that it has to be the most sought after beauty look of the moment. Kylie either wears her matte lips in shades of brown or pink. Kylie has apparently admitted that MAC Whirl lip pencil is her lip product of choice. This lip pencil has proved so popular that it currently out of stock online. According to beauty insiders, she may also use MAC Velvet Teddy matte lipstickKylie definitely loves MAC (who doesn't?!). Although, these shades tend to be more on the brown side and I wanted a pink-nude lip as I normally wear pink tones. MAC describes Pink Plaid as a ‘dirty blue-pink’. It really is the most gorgeous Kylie Jenner-esque pink-nude matte lipstick. I love it. 

MAC- Pink Plaid Matte Lipstick- £15.50 

I can just tell this lipstick is going to be a staple in my lipstick collection. I think it's the most perfect shade for autumn/winter. Pink Plaid is a nude with a subtle pop of colour. It’s pink but not too pink. I love the matte finish: it’s super long lasting and also applies like a dream. I also how matte finishes really accentuate my lips. My lips definitely look fuller when wearing this lipstick; Pink Plaid is definitely a lipstick to show off that pout! I’m so glad I’ve finally purchased this MAC lipstick. It’s my new favourite. I definitely think my next purchase will be Velvet Teddy as I’m in love with MAC matte lipsticks. I can't get enough of matte lips. I think I’m finally ready to fully embrace the deeper shade of nudes just like Kylie. So, I might have to treat myself to Whirl too (oops). 

What is your new favourite lip product?
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