Monday, 18 August 2014

Style Crush: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Being a true 90s kid, I grew up with Mary-Kate and Ashley. I watched every film: Winning London and Holiday in the Sun were my absolute favourites. I read all the Mary-Kate and Ashley books, from Two of a Kind to Sweet 16. I even had their albums and video games (remember the one set in the shopping mall?!). I remember constantly lusting after everything they wore in their films and television shows. Who can forget those gorgeous trench coats in Winning London or the round John Lennon-style sunglasses in Our Lips are Sealed? I was about six years old when Mary-Kate and Ashley’s clothing and beauty range launched in England. I literally felt like the most stylish person ever wearing my Mary-Kate and Ashley cardigan and lipgloss. I was quite the mini-fashionista when I was little!

So that was a lovely trip down memory lane but let’s be honest the Olsen twins are still absolute style icons. I love how they constantly push the boundaries of fashion in their everyday style and their own clothing lines. Naturally, they are amazing designers. You only have to look at their recent shoot for Harper’s Bazzar UK (featuring looks from their own couture label, The Row) to know why the Olsen twins are still my ultimate style crush.

Just from their Harper's Bazzar shoot you can tell that Mary-Kate and Ashley are always so trend. Statement coats are going to be huge this season and nobody wears a trend quite like the Olsen twins. These oversized coats from their The Row line are unbelievable. The cut of these coats are just gorgeous (I love the billowing sleeves on Mary-Kate's coat). These are the ultimate statement coats for this season.

Mary-Kate's style has definitely undergone a transition lately but she still stays true to her famous boho-chic style. I love this gothic-style Chanel dress with its unique detailing. It's so unusual; it's so Mary-Kate.

Mary-Kate is the queen of the boho trend: her laid-back style with that quirky edge make her an ultimate trendsetter in effortless chic. Mary-Kate is always on the cutting-edge of fashion and is definitely not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She definitely inspired me (and plenty of others) to embrace the bohemian trend. 

If Mary-Kate is the queen of boho, then Ashley is the queen of tailoring. Ashley understands how minimalism and precise cuts can make an outfit. Just look how gorgeous this dress from The Row is: the unusual combination of the long sleeves with the cut-out back makes for a stunning and understated red-carpet look.

Let's be honest, Ashley was wearing the modern tailoring trend well before it came in fashion. She is just so fashion-foward. You already know that the tailoring trend is my favourite trend for this season and Ashley is definitely my inspiration. 

The Olsen twins are undoubtedly my fashion inspirations (and they have been for a long time!). I love how both Mary-Kate and Ashley have their unique styles. They definitely understand how your personality can influence your style. 

Do you love Mary-Kate and Ashley's style?

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