Thursday, 7 August 2014

The September Issue

Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you as I woke up this morning to the amazing news that Our Dreams of Fashion has reached 150 followers! I honestly can't believe that so many of you like my blog. So, thank you so much for joining me on my blogging journey. I’m new to blogging but I love writing my blog: it’s become a passion/slight obsession! I can’t wait to share more fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts with you all…

Okay, so I’m sat with a cup (huge Starbucks mug) of English Breakfast tea (how British of me) with quite possibly the most important fashion magazine issue of the year. Yep, I am talking about the September Issue and although every magazine has a September Issue, for me there really is only one: Vogue’s September Issue. The September Issue is the biggest and most important issue of the year, as it marks the transition from summer to autumn. As you already know, I love this transition. There’s just something about autumn/winter collections: they are more luxurious, indulgent and definitely more in vogue (see what I did there) than there summer counterparts. So, bye summer and hello autumn…

As I live in England, I read British Vogue. I am slightly jealous that I can’t get my hands on American Vogue’s September Issue when it’s released later on in the month. However, I just love British Vogue. Alexandra Shulman is a fashion genius. Vogue is the pinnacle of all fashion magazines. Vogue is iconic. So, Vogue’s September Issue is always the one I look forward to and this year’s definitely doesn’t disappoint. The ultimate girl in fashion right now, Cara Delevingne, graces the cover of British Vogue (photographed by the legendary Mario Testino) and looks incredible (as always) in a gorgeous Louis Vuitton leather and silk dress. 2014 has definitely been the year of Cara, just by flicking through the pages of Vogue you begin to realise her dominance in the fashion industry. She features in the campaigns of Chanel, Mulberry, Burberry and Topshop (to name a few…). She was definitely the perfect choice for the September Issue.

So what do the 462 ultra-glossy pages of British Vogue tell us about fashion in autumn/winter 2014? Well, it’s going to be absolutely incredible. The collections are gorgeous: it’s all about the statement coats, the tailored trend (yay, I love it!), that perfectly glamorous party dress and the accessories that just add a pop of colour to those winter days. The advertising campaigns are also stunning: everyone just steps up their game for the September Issue. I just love Vogue’s September issue. It’s probably because I love autumn/winter fashion so much. It really is the most wonderful time of the year (okay, I apologise it’s way too early for Christmas references, but you know exactly what I mean)… 

Do you love the September Issue?
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