Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Perfect Shoes for Autumn

So, despite the spontaneous heatwave we experienced yesterday in England (seriously, what was all that about?!), the weather has definitely turned autumnal. I have been preparing and planning my autumn wardrobe for a few weeks now, because as you all know, I love autumn trends. I am currently obsessing over so many A/W14 trends at the moment especially oversized statement coats, tartan (so much love for the return of this), faux fur and winter pastels (such a gorgeous trend). While sorting out my autumn wardrobe, it came to my attention that I definitely needed to invest in shoes more suited for the colder months. After all, shoes are an important wardrobe staple too! These are my must-have shoes for autumn:

Missguided- Eliza Patent Chelsea Boots- £24.99 

It was only a few days ago in my September wish list post that I declared I wanted to step away (pun intended) from Chelsea boots and try something different this season. Well, that until I decided to have a quick look at the Missguided website and came across these beauties. Let’s be honest, who can resist a gorgeous new pair of Chelsea boots? I don’t know what I was thinking?! Of course I can’t deny my autumn wardrobe a pair of Chelsea boots- they are a must-have! I love these gorgeous patent Chelsea boots from Missguided. They are super cute, very versatile and so 60s chic. 

Burgundy is my favourite colour trend this season. It’s such a gorgeously rich and decadent colour: perfect for autumn! These beautiful cut out boots are a definite must-have for any autumn wardrobe. Again, the best thing about these autumn boots is their versatility- they can be worn with anything! I love the gold detailing on these boots; it definitely makes them stand out and it looks lovely against the burgundy. These boots are the epitome of autumn fashion- stylish yet practical.

Topshop- SANDY Slipper Shoes -£24.00

You don’t have to spend the entire season in boots just because it’s colder outside! I am in love with these slipper shoes from Topshop. They are the perfect shoes for the transition into autumn. I may be a little biased as I have recently purchased these lovely shoes. They are fake velvet and you’ve got to love the unique and quirky gold lion embellishment. They are also really soft (just like wearing slippers!). These shoes are comfy yet stylish- the ultimate flats! I bought these slipper shoes in black but they also come in a variety of different colours. I already have my eye on these shoes in green, oops! Well, you can never have too many shoes...

ASOS- MAKESHIFT Brogue Lace Ups-£25.00

I have a self-confessed obsession with brogues. I just think they are the cutest shoes ever. I love all the unique brogue detailing and I especially love the lace up detail on these ASOS brogues. Brogues are perfect for autumn as they are really practical and still very stylish. They are an absolute staple in my uni wardrobe. I love the colour of these ASOS brogues: the nude colour is definitely unique for autumn. These beauties would brighten any outfit; I think these brogues would look amazing with an oxblood coloured coat.

Zara- Blucher Shoes with Fringes- £49.99

Oh Zara, you can do no wrong this season. The new lines are so on trend. I think I have actually fallen in love with these blucher shoes with fringe detailing. Yep, I’m definitely in love with a pair of shoes, thanks for that Zara. But can you blame me? These shoes are incredible. It’s obvious that the shiny patent leather look is going to be huge this season. But it’s all about these extra detailing on these shoes - the fringe detailing is perfect for autumn and I love the laces. It adds a feminine edge to a masculine-looking shoe. Also, these shoes have a pointed toe, which has been a hugely popular trend this year and it looks like it’s set to continue. So, I guess Zara will be taking more of money this autumn.

What are your must-have autumn shoes?
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