Monday, 15 September 2014

What I bought in Leeds...

Primark- Dogtooth Coat- £35.00

Primark- Collared Shell Top- £12.00

Victoria's Secret- Sleepshirt- £36.00

Hollister-Body Mists- 3 for £24.00

I love Leeds. It’s definitely one of my favourite cities. I rather spontaneously decided to visit Leeds today for a bit of shopping (of course). After all, there’s nothing better than a spontaneous shopping trip! While I was there, I couldn’t resist buying a few more items for my autumn wardrobe. This is what I bought in Leeds…

I just can’t get enough of Primark’s A/W14 collections. Everything in store is absolutely gorgeous and so on trend. Primark has definitely stepped up their game this season; I keep falling in love with everything in store. Primark is definitely my go-to store this autumn.  Did I need another winter coat? Definitely not but you just can’t say no to a monochrome dogtooth long coat. Well I know I can’t. I just know this coat is going to be an absolute staple for me this season. I always find myself reaching for monochrome in the colder months. I love it. I also bought this collared shell top; this is just a lovely basic top that will look great with white jeans.

I love Victoria’s Secret. Who doesn’t?! Leeds is my nearest Victoria’s Secret store so whenever I go to Leeds, I just have to visit VS.  I’m always lusting after everything in store; it’s all so pretty! I have wanted this gorgeous sleepshirt for a while now and I’m so glad I’ve finally bought it. I had to get this shirt in the signature VS pink and white stripes, as this is my favourite print. I love it.

Hollister body mists are my must-have everyday fragrance. A few sprays of this fragrance and your instantly transported to a Californian beach. I picked up three new fragrances today: ‘Crescent Bay’, ‘Seacliff Beach’ and ‘Palisades Beach’. ‘Crescent Bay’ is a fruity and floral fragrance with watermelon and poppy; ‘Seacliff Bay’ is a light and fresh fragrance with nectarine and vanilla and ‘Palisades Beach’ is a sweet and summery fragrance with watermelon and coconut milk. Yep, they are all amazing!

What have you bought recently?

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