Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bumble and bumble prep spray

Bumble and bumble prep spray
I have said this many times before but I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my hair, who doesn't?! 
I’ve had long hair most of my life, except for that awkward bob phase when I was about 11 or 12. I would love to be one of the girls that suit an edgy blunt bob, but I’m definitely not. So, I’m always growing my hair longer. My main problem with having really long hair is that it tangles sooooo easily, especially in the winter months. So, I’m constantly on the look out for a product that will solve this problem. As I said in my October favourites, I have recently found a fab little product in the K√©rastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique leave in treatment I totally recommend this product for anyone whose hair is dry, damaged and knotty. It’s a total hair saviour. But, I’ve recently run out of this product (although I will definitely be repurchasing).  So, I saw this as the perfect little excuse to treat myself to a Bumble and bumble product…

I’ve read so many amazing reviews about Bumble and bumble hair products that I just had to try them for myself. I bought the prep spray as its full of nutrients to detangle and prepare hair for styling when your hair is wet but also to reactive products already in your hair when dry. So, it was exactly what I was looking for and a product that helps to keep your hair looking fab on non-hair washing days is a must for me. I’m completely in love with this product: it does exactly what it claims to do. Just a few spritzes (and a little goes a long way) on wet hair and my hair becomes so easy to comb through- no tangles, yay! It also leaves my hair feeling super soft and looking glossy and shiny. It’s also a perfect base for adding further styling products, as it's lightweight and doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. It’s also fab for rejuvenating and refreshing your hair on non-wash days. Yep, it really is a fab product. Oh and it smells incredible too, a lovely fresh scent. At £17.00 for a 250ml bottle, it is a little bit pricey but it is totally worth it and a little really does go a long way. The Bumble and bumble prep spray will now be the first thing I reach for when drying/styling my hair. I think it will work great with my Nectar Thermique leave in treatment or even on its own on days when I just want to revitalise my hair. A fab little everyday hair product. I think I will definitely be investing in some more Bumble and bumble products in the future.

What are your favourite Bumble and bumble products?
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