Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Perfect Spring Shades From Essie

The Sunday post with lots of Essie.

Hello everyone! I’m back (guess who’s back, back again, Our Dreams of Fashion is back, tell a friend… okay enough of that!). But, yes, I’m back to blogging after taking a much longer than expected break due to lots of Uni work and deadlines etc. During my blogging break, I was still reading and catching up on my fave blogs (when I wasn’t in the library… urgh.) Anyways, Becki from Beauty and the Brunette (go check out her amazing blog for all things beauty) brought my attention to Fragrance Direct. This gem of a discounted website has some incredible bargains, including Essie polishes for only £2.49 instead of the usual £7.99 retail price!  What an absolute bargain! So, naturally, I couldn’t say no to buying a few new shades…

Since spring is almost upon us (finally), I decided to invest in some gorgeous new shades that are perfect for that springtime manicure:

Left to Right:

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck:  Such a cute name for such a cute colour. A lovely greyish-lavender shade: this is the most perfect purple shade.

Take it Outside:  I’m all about the taupe this season. This taupe shade also has just the slightest hint of dusky lavender.

Mademoiselle: Okay, I’m not really a fan of pinky-neutral shades as I think they can look a bit too girly. However, Essie describe this shade as ‘the most-classic grown-up pink’ and it definitely got my attention. This shade definitely has that Parisian-chic vibe and it totally has converted me to neutral shades.

Parka Perfect: A beautiful muted-blue/grey shade with a hint of shimmer. A really unusual shade but it is definitely one of my favourite ever Essie shades!

Sew Psyched: Khaki green is everywhere this spring and I’m totally loving this colour trend. This is a gorgeous shade and perfect for the 70s trend. This colour is going straight on my nails when I finish this post! 
 photo Untitled2_zps345240c9.jpg


  1. these are all gorgeous colours! also want to try lychee x

    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. They really are! Lychee is such a gorgeous shade too.
    Julie-Ann xo

  3. I'm ashamed to say that I've never actually tried an Essie nail polish... and I call myself a nail polish addict!! *hangs head in shame*. I love the look of Take It Outside though, I might just have to try it... x

    Taylor |

  4. It took me ages to try Essie polishes too! They do apply like a dream and last for ages- I totally recommend them. Take it Outside is such a gorgeous shade and I would definitely check out Fragrance Direct because the £5.50 saving is difficult to resist! xo


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