Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Shower and Glow

An in-shower tanning lotion? It sounds amazing but does it actually work...

So, St. Tropez’s new in-shower tanning lotion has been receiving a lot of hype recently and it’s not difficult to see why: a streak-free gradual tanner that you apply in the shower, rinse off and then wait for a gorgeous golden glow to develop. Sounds impressive, right? I’ll be honest I find tanning an absolute nightmare. It takes ages to dry, it always looks patchy on me and it smells strangely like digestive biscuits. Yet, even I was intrigued by the thought of an in-shower tanning product. It sounds so easy and let’s be honest you can’t say no to streak-free. Also, it’s currently on promotion in Boots for only £9.67. So, although I would normally stay clear of tanning products, I decided to see whether the hype was worth it…

Firstly, I have to say the first thing I noticed is that this lotion smells amazing. Say goodbye to that scent of digestive biscuits and hello to a lovely sweet, almond smell. The formula is like a moisturising lotion and I found it instantly nourishing on the skin. The application is quite easy: shower as normal and then turn the shower off and apply the lotion in circular motions.  So far, so good.  Then wash your hands. Okay, so now we’ve encountered our first problem. Washing your hands in the shower without getting your body wet is actually quite a challenge. Now you wait three minutes. Sounds easy? Nope. I don’t have a clock in my bathroom and I’d forgotten my watch. So, I’m in my shower trying to count (and I mean literally) seconds. It actually feels like I’m playing that time game on The Cube. Also, by this point I’m actually freezing. Note to self: always bring a watch. Then after three minutes, or when you’ve given up counting, you simply wash it off.

So, what are the results like? Well, despite the hassle, I was actually quite impressed. It does leave a natural looking tan that is actually streak-free (amazing!). It also left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised. However, I did notice a slight hint of that dreaded digestive biscuit smell but it was nothing too noticeable. Now, I like my tan to look as natural as possible but even I have to say that this tan is very subtle. It’s definitely not going to give you a gorgeous sun-kissed tan on the first go but it is a gradual tan after all. For anyone who is rather wary of fake tan like me, then this is a great product! Also, after a few uses, you do get used to the application process and the whole thing becomes a bit easier.

Yes, it’s far from perfect but I feel that this product is the start of making the whole tanning process a lot easier and I’m rather excited to see what St. Tropez create next… 
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  1. I got this free with a magazine this month and as a tanaholic I'm quite literally buzzing to try it out!! I've already sniffed it and it smells amazing I always think the tands that rinse off after application go on far better and more streak free! Thanks for your review if I like my sample I'll defo be buying this :) xxxx

  2. I really hope you like it, Lisa!

    Julie-Ann xo

  3. I really one to try this product and i hope it Will be available soon on feelunique.

    Alexandra xx


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