Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Sunday Post: Favourite YouTube Channels

The YouTube channels that I can spend all Sunday watching...
For me, Sundays are about watching YouTube videos all snuggled on the sofa with a big cup of tea. I’m forever spending my Sundays catching up on all the new videos in my subscription box. Yes, I watch a LOT of beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. But, I definitely have my favourite Youtube channels (y’know the ones that you can spend literally hours watching) and in today’s post I’m sharing them with you.  Go get yourself a big cup of tea, maybe make some breakfast/brunch (I’ll have some avocado toast with poached eggs, please) and get ready to spend your Sunday watching YouTube videos. Great, now I’m craving avocado toast.

Hey ClaireOkay, so I want to be best friends with Claire. I'll be honest, when I first discovered her channel, I just sat and watched all of her videos. Seriously, she is the queen of editing. Let's take a minute to appreciate her favourite lipsticks video. (#YouTubeGoals). Just met a boy, just met a boy when. Claire's videos always have such incredible content: I love how she shares her life with her viewers. Claire's channel is so much more than your typical beauty and fashion channel. Claire's 'car' vlogs are just the best and I constantly find myself laughing along and smiling at my laptop (like a weirdo) while I watch them. I always want to get on the next flight to LA every time I watch Claire’s videos. Who doesn’t?! 

Inthefrow: I just love everything about Victoria’s Channel. I also need her entire wardrobe in my life.  Seriously, this girl has incredible style. If you love beauty and fashion, then you’ll absolutely love Inthefrow. Although, I assure you, that her hauls and lookbooks will make you want to spend all your money. So, you'll probably spend the rest of today online shopping! 

Mrs Rodial*:Mrs Rodial is a YouTube channel by Maria Hatzistefanis (aka Mrs Rodial) who is the founder of the luxury skincare brand: Rodial. This channel is a unique mix of beauty and lifestyle videos. Mrs Rodial has become my go-to for skincare routines and makeup tutorials. All the videos  on this channel use Rodial Skincare and Beauty products. And, seriously, the Kim Kardashian tutorial is especially amazing. Mrs Rodial also posts videos about being successful in the beauty industry, from using social media to taking risks in business (which I love as I’m currently studying International Business Management). This channel is a must-watch if, like me, you’re also interested in the business of beauty.

ViviannaDoesMakeupAnna’s videos are another must-watch. Her videos always leave me smiling, especially her Get Ready With Me videos. Anna’s channel is my go-to for all things beauty. Whenever I watch Anna’s tutorials or favourite videos, I always find myself lusting after so many beauty products (not that I need another excuse to spend all my money in Space NK). So, if I've bought a new beauty product, it's probably because Anna recommended it!

Lily Pebbles: Whenever Lily uploads a new weekly vlog, I always wait until Sunday to watch it. So, you will find me on Sunday morning eating breakfast (preferably avocado toast - yep still craving it), watching Lily’s channel. It’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. Lily’s vlogs are my absolute favourite. I just love her vlogging style. There's nothing better than a 20 minute vlog by Lily! 

Happy Sunday everyone!

*This post is written in collaboration with Rodial Skincare.
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