Wednesday, 4 November 2015

In The Nude

My name is Julie-Ann and I have a nude lipstick obsession….

Can anyone seriously go into Boots without buying practically half the store? Well, if you’re anything like me, the answer to this is a definite no. So, as usual, I went into Boots for one specific item and before I knew it I found myself swatching all the L’Oréal Paris ColourRiche Collection Exclusive Nudes… What can I say? I have a thing for nude lips.

Now, I’m not going to lie, it did take me a long time to decide which shades to buy.  The idea behind this collection is that there are six custom shades (which have been chosen by iconic L’Oréal women) to match every skin tone and hair colour. It’s a fab idea. I eventually decided on Eva’s Nude and Doutzen’s Nude. 

I honestly thought that Eva’s Nude would be too dark for my very pale complexion; however, this shade actually compliments my skin and my dark brunette hair. Eva’s shade is Barely Golden and as the name suggests this is a nude with a hint of gold. Think a sun-kissed peachy-nude. This shade is bringing a touch of summer (ah, I miss the sun) to my everyday makeup look. Doutzen’s Nude is Barely Pink and this shade is a pretty pale pink with a hint of shimmer. Now, this shade is quite sheer but it’s a great your-lips-but-better shade for me. It adds that perfect hint of pink and it really enhances my natural lips. A perfect everyday nude.

The texture of these lipsticks is gorgeous: they are so moisturising and feel really luxurious despite the £6.99 price tag. The packaging also gives these lipsticks a high-end feel. I love the matte black (very NARS-esque) and the gold detailing. Yes, I would prefer these shades to be slightly more pigmented. However, I suppose the ‘Barely’ in the shade names kinda gives the game away. These are meant to be subtle nudes. Now, I couldn’t write a blog post about these lipsticks without mentioning the smell. It is rather distinctive. Think old-fashioned makeup mixed with sweet lavender (yep, all those ‘parma violet’ comparisons are spot on). Now, I don’t mind the scent all that much but if you're sensitive to smells then this is probably going to be a deal-breaker (which is such a shame as the lipsticks themselves are really good).

For a drugstore collection, these lipsticks are something rather special. If you love your nude lipsticks, then you’ll love this collection.

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