Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Contour Kit Of My Dreams

Spoiler alert: I love this contour kit....
Top Row: Vanilla, Banana, Sand
Bottom Row: Java, Fawn, Havana

Okay, so I know that I'm rather late on the bandwagon with this one. It seems like everyone has tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit  and it has been the talk of the beauty blogging world for quite some time now. This contour kit is constantly out of stock online, so when I saw that it was back in stock, I just couldn't resist any longer. I needed it in my life.

I love contouring and was an avid user of Charlotte Tilbury's Bronze and Glow until I tragically dropped it one Monday morning. As if Mondays could get any worse. And I've been using my beloved Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ever since for a more subtle contour look (you can see my post on that b-e-a-u-tiful palette here). But I decided that I really needed to up my contour game. I wanted something a little less subtle.

The ABH Contour Kit (which I bought in the shade light/medium) is something else. Well, hello there cheekbones.  The kit has 6 powders: 3 highlighting shades (on the top row) and 3 contour/bronze shades (on the bottom row). Vanilla is a light cream/white matte (great for setting concealer), Banana - shoutout to Gwen Stefani for forever teaching me how to spell that - is a pale-yellow matte (it looks slightly terrifying but trust me I'm obsessed with the shade). Sand is the only shimmer in the kit and is great as a natural, peachy highlight. Now, if you prefer a strong highlight then these "highlighting" shades just won't do, you will find yourself reaching for Champagne Pop. But they are fab as concealing shades. And this is where I'm going to declare my love for Banana. This is a wonder product for me. It really brightens up my under eye area and prepare to say goodbye to any redness because it just disappears. Like magic. This shade will definitely be one of my most-used in the kit.

Now onto the contour shades. I have to start with Fawn. Is this the most perfect contour shade? Yes, it is. Fawn is a grey-taupe with a hint of warmth and it just creates the most natural-looking contour that still gives the cheekbones-to-die-for effect that you're after. I love it. Now Java (medium brown matte) and Havana (red-toned brown matte) are a little too warm for my skin tone but they are perfect as eyeshadows, especially Java, which has become my go-to everyday eyeshadow.

The ABH Contour Kit is everything I hoped it would be (and more). The powders are super pigmented, finely milled and have a creamy texture when blended. Yep, it's ticking all the boxes. I use the Morphe G30 Brush and the Real Techniques Contour Brush to apply and blend Fawn. I have to say I'm loving Morphe brushes and I will definitely be adding to my Morphe brush collection in the future. Amazing quality for a reasonable price Now, I'm more of a powder kind of girl when it comes to contour, but since I love the original ABH Contour Kit, I may have to try the ABH Cream Contour Kit (because that also looks dreamy). And a girl can never have too many options when it comes to contouring, am I right?!

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