Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Sunday Post: My New Haircare Routine

Julie-Ann with the good hair...I'll admit it. I have such a love/hate relationship with my hair. When I was younger, I could never decide on a style and was constantly growing out my fringe only to get it cut back in five seconds later and I literally never settled on a colour or length. Well, that was until I was about 15 (and after one too many disastrous bob cuts), I vowed to always keep my hair long and I decided on my signature chocolate brown colour. Now, at 22, I have still stuck to my vow and my hair is still really long. Although, I have been tempted away from my usual hair colour in order to add some sun-kissed golden balayage highlights. Side note: if you're thinking about balayage for summer, do it! I'm totally loving my hair style but it is rather high maintenance...

I had noticed that my hair had become really dry, prone to breakage and just looked rather lifeless and dull. It was becoming difficult to style and even to brush due to all the knots (yes, even with my beloved Wet Brush). I tried loads of different shampoos, conditioners and mask treatments. Nothing was working. So, I decided to try something from Living Proof. 

I had heard so many amazing things about Living Proof and I'm a massive Jen Aniston fan - hums the Friends theme song, breaks for the claps, thinks about which episode I'm going to watch after writing this- so I thought this was the perfect time to get a bit spendy with my haircare. I decided on the Restore Shampoo & Conditioner because my hair needed to be seriously restored. The Restore range claims to heal strands, restore softness and reverse dryness and damage. The shampoo is also sulphate free and, of course, is safe for coloured hair. Yes please. It all sounded too good to be true and at £23 each for the shampoo and conditioner, I was hoping that it lived up to my expectations.

So, is it worth it? Yes. All the yes. Seriously, I have found my dream haircare duo. It just doesn't get better than this.  The shampoo gently cleanses and the conditioner just brings all the moisture back to my hair. My hair is super shiny and smooth (say goodbye to knots), it's so easy to style and life has been brought back to my balayage highlights.  After just a few washes, I was getting compliments off my friends and family about how healthy my hair looked. I couldn't believe the difference myself. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner for a while now and I can honestly say my hair has truly been restored. Also, the products smell amazing. A light citrusy scent with a hint of herbs. It smells just like being at a spa. So dreamy. Yes, products from Living Proof are a bit more pricey and luxe than your average shampoo and conditioner. But I have to say that I have found my new haircare routine and I won't be reaching for any other products any time soon. 
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